This is how Courtney Adamo – mother of five, founder of In The Loop and Babyccino Kids – does life. 

At 6:30am I’m woken by…Wilkie calling ‘mama, mama, mama’ from his bedroom just off our room. I’m a morning person, so I don’t mind waking up with him, and I love the stillness of the house at that hour.

I begin the first hour of my day by… cuddling Wilkie, emptying the dishwasher, making breakfast, getting kids ready for school, etc. Thankfully Michael and I are a good team. I make breakfast and he makes coffee. I feed Wilkie while he prepares the lunch boxes. I get the girls dressed while he tidies the kitchen.

The first thing I drink in the morning is… a big glass of water. And then I wait for Michael to make coffee. He’s a coffee purest, so he grinds the beans each morning, makes coffee the slow Italian stove-top way, froths the milk just so and serves me the perfect flat white — better than anything you can buy!

For breakfast I eat… porridge. Every morning, even in summer! Sometimes it’s oats, sometimes it’s semolina, sometimes it’s an 8-grain porridge. We get creative with how we make it, mixing different milks, nuts, dried fruits, etc. and topping it with fruit and kefir. I take my porridge very seriously!

My morning skincare routine involves… very little. I wash my face with the Aesop Fabulous Facial Cleanser and then apply the Aesop Primrose Facial Hydrating Cream. I’m hopeless with make-up or anything extra.

I usually dress in … dresses. I love how easy it is to get dressed when you can just throw on a dress and don’t have to think about coordinating tops and bottoms. I also love the feminine feeling of wearing a dress. And sometimes I pair it with sneakers or Birkenstocks just to make sure it’s not overly fancy. 

Once we are out the door we are off to… school during the week and the beach on the weekend. We’re pretty predictable in that way. On the weekends, you’ll find us on the beach with the best wind protection and the nicest surfing waves. Thankfully we’re pretty spoiled for choice around here (Byron Bay. Australia).

My work day begins …. At 9:00 after the kids are dropped off and the house is tidied up. Michael and I both work from home and his day doesn’t start until 10ish, so he plays with Wilkie for the first hour and then we put him down for his nap. Thankfully, he usually sleeps for at least a couple hours, so I get a solid stretch of work from 9 until 1 usually.

I fit in exercise … whenever I’m at the beach! After watching Michael and the kids out in the surf for two years, I decided I’d better learn to surf or I’d spend my life sitting on a beach unaware of what all the fuss was about! It was the best thing I’ve ever done. I have become so hooked on surfing and the exercise – both the mental and physical aspect.

For lunch …. Michael usually makes us our lunch. It’s a huge benefit of him working from home. I’d probably just eat cheese on toast every day, but he prefers a proper meal, so I benefit from his cooking. The downside is I then have a messy kitchen to clean up! Haha.

The biggest challenge in the day is usually… keeping Wilkie from hurting himself. He’s at that age where he thinks he can do things (like climbing the stairs or riding a scooter down our steep driveway), but he’s still such a baby that he’s really a danger to himself wherever he goes. He requires constant supervision, which is exhausting for two parents who work from home.

My favourite part of the day is when… we arrive to the beach. I can feel tensions ease and everyone just seems to relax and connect to nature — whether it’s hitting the surf or playing on the beach. My kids are happiest when we’re outside, and parenting is then made quite easy.

The kids are always excited to … be outside. They play so well together when we are out of the house. I love watching them find ways to play using sticks or seashells or whatever they find in nature. There is something about being outside that enables them to problem solve without my help and to just get on with their activities.

My go-to easy family dinner is … pasta. There isn’t a pasta my kids won’t eat. Michael makes most of the dinners, and Italian food is his specialty. He also makes really good vegetarian curries, which we also love. My kids are pretty adventurous eaters and will eat almost anything, even spicy food!

Once the kids are in bed … Michael and I usually (sadly) end up back on our computers trying to catch up on work. We aren’t TV watchers, so we don’t have that distraction enticing us, which means we usually end up doing a bit of email work and then going to bed around 10pm. Lately, my time has been taken up by our house renovation. Last night I spent almost two hours researching and choosing cupboard knobs!

My evening skincare routine involves … washing my face (Aesop ‘Fabulous Facial Cleanser’) and drinking lots of water.

For self care I … make sure I squeeze in at least a few surf sessions during the week. There is no better feeling than emerging from the ocean after a surf. It’s wonderful exercise, but more than that — it’s the meditative time alone without any kids needing me, without work obligations weighing on me, etc.