Louise Boyce of “Mama Still Got It” fame, takes on motherhood with sass and a sense of humour. The model and mother of three is on a mission to help other mamas rediscover their mojo by sharing hilarious insights into her daily life, along with down to earth fashion and beauty tips. Yup, this is one mama who has still got it. 

Motherhood is a beautiful gift… but ask me again when the kids wake me up at 5am!

My journey into motherhood was… unexpected and at the time I thought it was really bad timing, but turns out it was the best thing that could have happened at the perfect time, funny how the universe knows what it’s doing.

I’ve given birth three times… The first time was 100% natural at home, the second time I haemorrhaged and was taken to intensive care (pretty scary) and the third time was in hospital with gas and air and a lot of hypnobirthing.  All different experiences and all something I am so proud of doing.  Women are remarkable.

The greatest lesson motherhood has taught me… is nothing else matters as long as your kids are happy and healthy.

My parenting style is… fun, loving but stern.  I will happily roll in mud with them and let them explore how to cook in the kitchen but if they are naughty or out of line they will know about it and be punished.

“I’ve given birth 3 times.  The first time was 100% natural at home, the second time I haemorrhaged and was taken to intensive care and the third time was in hospital with gas and air and a lot of hypnobirthing.”

Mama still got it

My relationship with my body since having kids… is pretty good. I hated my body in my teen years and into my 20s and battled an eating disorder to try and fit into the modelling industry.  It got so bad I was told I could never have children.  To go from that to then having three healthy children that I grew inside my body has given me more respect for my body more than ever.  Of course I would like a flatter tummy and I’m working on that (when I feel like it!) but I’m not obsessing about it at all. My tummy was the first home of my babies and that’s awesome!

I keep the romance alive with my husband by… telling him my needs and thoughts.  It’s very easy to forget romance once kids are around, and it’s easy to become part of the furniture, but we make a conscious effort to make time for each other and really talk. Doing small things like making a cuppa for each other or having hugs in the kitchen just because we can is lovely.

Before a modelling job I… drink lots of water, eat well and try to get a good nights sleep.

The beauty products/treatments I swear by… Estee Lauder night serum and a monthly facial.

In my wardrobe you’ll find… a Rixo dress (love them), jumpers and lounge wear from Scamp and Dude, a crisp white shirt usually from Whistles and jeans from Mosh Mos.

When I feel overwhelmed by the demands of motherhood and life I… take a looooong, hot candle lit bath with a glass of red wine and book. Or I’ll go to a yoga class or bike ride.  Sometimes all three and then I feel like my batteries have been recharged.

“Water, coffee, wine, tequila. In that order.”

A conversation which changed my life… was my doctor telling me I was pregnant when I thought I had cystitis and when my husband (boyfriend at the time) asked me to live with him.

My proudest moment as a mother… was when I met all my children for the first time.  I wish I could bottle that euphoric moment. This is what makes me want to have more children… for that moment!

If one day my daughter decides to become a model… I will tell her to be herself and don’t listen to the negativity.

My drink of choice… Water, coffee, wine, tequila. In that order.

If I was coming down under (Australia) the first place I’d visit would be… Elgin Avenue in Sydney.  I lived there when I was 17 for six months and loved the house.  I used to be joined by Kookaburras in the morning eating my cereal.  Then I’d hit Manly beach.

But next on my travel list is more likely to be… Ibiza or Aruba.

The book I couldn’t put down is… ‘How Women Rise’ by Sally Helgesen and Marshall Goldsmith.

One day I hope my children will… understand how testing lockdown was during Coronavirus 2020.

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