Impeccable style seems to be in most Swede’s DNA, so when Evelina Westman,  founder of The Birth Poster phenomenon, announced she has turned her talents to children’s wear … our excitement levels were high. The mother of one has launched a range of  timeless, unisex pieces for your mini that you’ll wish you could squeeze into. The Delivery speaks to Evelina about her exciting new chapter. Oh and make sure you stay tuned on social media  soon for a special Delivery x SCHMECK giveaway…

Congratulations on the launch of Schmeck, what inspired you to create children’s clothing?

When we had our son two years ago it was a major challenge to find clean and beautiful children’s clothes for him. Always, when we thought we’d found a single coloured and stylish garment, it turned out to have a big banana or giraffe printed on the back. That’s when the idea of SCHMECK was born – a clothing brand for children with clothes as beautiful and designed as the clothes we wear.

Has your son impacted on what you design?

Our son definitely had an impact on the design in some way, SCHMECK exists because of him. When you become a family you want that we-feeling where you show the surroundings that you are this amazing team and belong together as a family. This goes for how you dress as well. For us it was so hard to understand why there wasn’t any clothes out there that was similar to ours. What SCHMECK does is transform classic pieces, like a button-down, so that children can wear it and still be super comfortable and play in it.

It seems girls get all the fun when it comes to fashion, do you have any practical style advice for mamas dressing boys? 

You’re so right. When it comes to finding interesting children’s clothes for boys there is basically nothing out there. My best advice to these mums is to buy a SCHMECK Body Shirt and SCHMECK 5-Panel Cap. I don’t think there is anything cooler on the market right now.

What are the benefits of keeping things basic for kids?

For us basic is a question about the environment. Keeping the garment alive and playable as long as possible, being able to pass it along to the next baby (boy or girl). Taking a step away from the ”normal” way of running a clothing brand  (new collections every season throwing away all the stuff that hasn’t been sold) is something we’re proud of. Our collection is continuous and has all the items you need in your child’s wardrobe all year around. Every product is carefully designed for multiple use so that they can live a long and happy life.

What do you hope to see Schmeck achieve by its first birthday?

Our goal is to grow SCHMECK as big as possible but we’re humble and know it will not happen overnight. Hopefully, within a year, we’re in stores all over the world and the brand is famous in our core markets.

What is your favourite piece in the current collection and why?

Significant items in the collections are definitely SCHMECK Body Shirt together with our caps (SCHMECK 5-Panel Cap, SCHMECK Bucket Hat or SCHMECK Sun Cap). Being able to create uniqueness, something that wasn’t there before, is what drives us. That’s why those products are our favourite.

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