I know I’ll sound like a cynical old fart writing this but I’m intrinsically skeptical of grand promises.

Sometimes my skepticism serves me well …  like when Nigerian love gods email promising the world … if I can just give them my credit card details first. Other times my skepticism is to my detriment … like when I’m in need of a health and wellness boost for example … but don’t trust any products and their life changing declarations. I’m the person who will browse the vitamin shelves for ages, read all the labels then mumble “bullshit” to myself, put my basket down and piss off with just a “health bar” from the checkout after wasting everyone’s time in the shop and lecturing them about how I can get all the vitamins I need from a balanced diet.

But late last year I knew it had come to a point where I needed to seriously consider supplementing my diet. I had been training for half marathons and had some big work projects looming. Oh and also a minor thing called motherhood on my plate. I was living on a diet of coffee and my son’s leftovers. Because … umm…easy … when a friend, who happens to be a health guru, came to visit and raved about the benefits of ATP Science vitamins.

After intensive stalking, I mean investigating … I decided they were to be trusted. ATP Science products are made from purely organic, natural sources and are completely free of synthetic nasties. It’s an award winning Australian company who are so serious about quality control they manufacture all of their products themselves.

This is what I popped and how I felt:

Multi Food: Basically a super charged multi vitamin. My main observation is feeling a higher level of vitality, for example I don’t wake up cloudy and sluggish and have plenty of energy in the afternoon when I’d normally kill for a nap.

Cort RX: Helps you cope with stress by balancing that evil stress hormone, cortisol. I began taking this before a big work contract commenced when I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with the work/motherhood juggle. Without a doubt it kept me calmer and more clear headed than I was in similar situations in the past.

Next I’m going to try one of their other products called Alpha Venus, which is specifically tailored toward females and all of our issues.

ATP Science gurus also do a great educational health podcast if you want to learn more about wellness.

This is a genuine community service announcement for busy mamas. No money  or product was exchanged for this review. In fact, ATP Science don’t even know we have published this … or that we even exist for that matter.