Summer holidays are in full swing here in Australia and this means there are plenty of outdoor adventures well underway. But with all of this fun often comes plenty of bumps, scrapes and other minor complaints! 

For this reason, I always keep a natural first aid kit on hand at home or in our travel bag. Having a natural first aid kit is a great way to have a safe, effective and planet friendly resource for your family’s health. 

Here’s a peek at  some of the essential items I keep in my own kit:

Tee Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is bursting with antibacterial properties. I apply tea tree oil to cuts and scrapes to clean and prevent or help treat minor infection. I dilute the tea tree in a carrier oil such as almond, olive or coconut before applying.

In my kit: Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil


The calendula flower is considered to be beneficial for the topical treatment of minor cuts and inflammation of the skin, largely due to its antiseptic and wound healing actions. I apply calendula ointment to minor cuts and abrasions, daily until healed.

In my kit: Kiwi Herb Calendula Ointment 


The use of the homeopathic preparation of Arnica helps to decrease bruising and healing time. I administer orally, with a spray but it can be applied directly to the area (as long as the skin is not broken).  

In my kit: Brauer Arnicaeze

Rescue Remedy

I use a few drops of this blend of five Bach Flower remedies to provide support in stressful situations or shock. 

In my kit: Bach Rescue Remedy


Fresh or dried lavender or lavender oil can be used to relieve headaches or sleeplessness. It also provides relief when applied to itchy bug bites. I use the essential oil in a diffuser or apply one drop topically to sooth bites.

In my kit: Little Innoscents Lavender Essential Oil

Manuka Honey

I apply Manuka honey to minor burns and abrasions to soothe, accelerate healing and have an antiseptic effect. Apply directly to the affected area and cover.

In my kit: Blis Organic Manuka Honey


Chamomile iuseful for a range of minor complaints. I use the dried flowers in a tea to calm the nervous system, soothe a tummy ache or relieve aches from fever. I also apply a cold compress of the tea on eyes with conjunctivitis or styes for an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect.

In my kit: organic dried chamomile from The Source


I cover all cuts or abrasions to protect from debris and bacteria (the bacterial infection impetigo is commonly contracted from uncovered wounds in preschool and school aged children). Allowing a wound to ‘dry out’ is not beneficial because they need moisture to heal. A plastic free alternative to the traditional bandages is safer for sensitive skin and better for the earth.

In my kit: Patch coconut oil kids adhesive strips 

Important: This advice should not replace medical advice given to you. Seek the guidance of a health professional for any serious or prolonged medical issues. Always consult with your healthcare provider before taking any herbal remedies, especially if you’re taking prescription drugs, are pregnant or breastfeeding.We still recommend having a traditional emergency first-aid kit on hand.

Jessica Hoskins is a Nutritionist and Herbalist with a special focus on the health and wellbeing of mothers and families. For more of her wisdom, follow her Instagram account @sageandfolk