Inspiring us this week is Natalie Meldrum, mother of two and founder of Pretty Brave and Crywolf. 

Crywolf was born in March 2018 with the vision to design fun and super high quality rainwear that will encourage kids to get back outside. 

My proudest moment in business is seeing my product on kids when I am out and about.

But if I had to start all over again I would change nothing! I was lucky to learn so much with my other brand Pretty Brave, which really helped Crywolf get off the ground faster. Although there is still something special coming at it starting a new brand with no knowledge and naivety, I do have the benefit of having a practice run.

Make sure you are following CRYWOLF because it will give your kids an excuse to get outside and go on an adventure – rain or shine. As a mum I know that one of the biggest concerns for families is making sure technology doesn’t take over and managing things like screen time and social media. I find that Crywolf is making a real connection with parents who want their kids to get back to the simple pleasures that come from being outside. With design, I am focusing on how to reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible. Just recently, we launched our Eco-Puffer that has been proudly filled an innovative fibre made entirely with recycled water bottles. There are lots of gorgeous products in the pipeline for 2020 – we can’t wait to show our customers!

“To my before child self I would say you rocked it sister! And lucky you didn’t marry that guy from Detroit.”

Parenthood is not like the brochure! It’s a journey like no other, with each stage bringing new highs and challenges. It makes me appreciate all the hard work my parents put in. I love being a mum.

My journey into parenthood was not quite what I had planned! It involved some very large white lights and a lot of huffing and puffing. 

Having children has taught me so many simple lessons. The biggest for me would be to worry less and play more, which is tricky when you have your own businesses! But it is all about perspective and what really matters is having those special moments with family and living in the moment. I love how my kids have given me the excuse to be a kid again. I think that having children has also taught me to be a better person through teaching them values like kindness, working hard, acceptance and caring for the planet. 

My golden piece of advice for any new parent would be if you shower your kids with love and your time, they will work out fine and the small stuff doesn’t actually matter.

And to my BC (before child) self I would say you rocked it sister! And lucky you didn’t marry that guy from Detroit. 

My children would describe me as fun, hardworking and full of kisses.

My greatest personal achievement is can I have two? Being a mum and creating my brands Crywolf and Pretty Brave.

And my most important personal goal at the moment is to get the balance right between work and family. 

Parenthood has changed the way work/do business because you have to be so organised. Managing my kids activities is like a full time job in itself. Efficiency is key as well as making quick decisions.

The business/brand that most inspires me is having raised my kids in Spain and because of their aesthetic and creativity,  I am a big fan of so many Spanish brands (Tiny Cottons, Bobo Choses to name a few). Closer to home I love NZ kids brands Band of Boys for their energy and vision, and Burrow and Be for their beautiful designs. 

“Parenthood is not like the brochure! It’s a journey like no other, with each stage bringing new highs and challenges.”

I stay healthy by making sure I drink water in between wine.

If I could invite anyone to dinner it would be Frida Kahlo, Michelle Obama and Lady Gaga.

And I would cook a kiwi BBQ and my favourite Aunt’s signature pavlova.

If I could travel anywhere in the world I would go to Japan. My kids have a large running list of the counties we have been fortunate enough to visit, but Japan is next on the list. Their design is such a mix between old and new, where everything has a purpose. I am obsessed with packaging and patterns and I can’t wait to get lost there.

One day I hope my children will be living their dreams and influencing others in a positive way.