Take control of all areas of your life with these useful, user-friendly Apps.

A shoebox overflowing with faded old receipts that are barely legible. It’s probably safe to say this is the bane of everyone’s existence. Well Squirrel Street makes organising your household, work or tax paperwork much more bearable. You simply snap a picture of your receipts and then the app will categorise, organise and store them. While it’s a life changer, it can’t save you from an awkward confrontation with the tax man if you aren’t vigilant and regularly load your receipts.


A great way to stop impulse buys and save money. Photograph and categorise your wardrobe and refer to Stylebook  when you are shopping so you can see exactly what already exists in your cupboard. It’s also a great tool for outfit planning without pulling out the entire contents of your closet while yelling “I have nothing to wear!!”.


If you’re the person who bores friends to death with hours of your home video footage, 1 Second Everyday could be for you. The video compilation app is the quickest, easiest way to collate family memories and document your life. The app reminds you to record a snippet from each day, from which you must select your favourite one second that it then stores in a calendar … sort of like a video diary. At the end of the month, year, or holiday you can mash your mini-vids together and create a beautiful compilation, complete with specific dates and locations. For the record, one year’s worth of one second videos is only six minutes long.


An award winning, user-friendly free personal finance app which helps you budget and manage your spending. Pocketbook  syncs with your bank accounts so you can keep track of every cent that goes in and out in real time. Among the app’s many great features, such as bill reminders and geo-tag records of your frequent spending locations, the “safety spend” is the most renowned. Safety spend allows you to set yourself a daily or weekly budget which then remains on your screen as a constant reminder, so as you swipe your card, the counter deducts the money and re-calculates how much you have left in your budget.


Isn’t it great when something does exactly what it says it will?! Menu Planner helps you create meal plans, import recipes from various websites, keep track of what’s in your pantry and create shopping lists. Simple. The way life should be.


Lighten the load of your purse with this genius storage app for loyalty cards. Simply scan your card information into Stocard and click save. It will be categorised and easy to locate when you go shopping and then all you need to do is select the card required and hand your phone over to the salesperson to scan or take note of your details.


Online security is a very serious topic in this day and age. It’s recommended we choose obscure passwords and change them regularly. But let’s be honest, some days we can barely remember to pick the kids up from school or buy milk, let alone recall a bunch of random passwords or security questions. 1password is regarded as one of the best password managers invented. Controlled by a single master password, it stores your passwords and personal data and can automatically fill out online forms when required.


Ever start reading an article, get interrupted then can’t remember where on earth you stumbled across it? If that hasn’t happened to you then you probably aren’t a mother. Well Pocket can be used to save articles, videos and web pages that you don’t have time to read but want to return to later.



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