This article may challenge everything you’ve ever believed and force you to question everything you’ve ever been told about brows. But please think of this as a long overdue intervention by a well meaning friend. It could be a journey of patience, but if you commit to follow this wisdom you and your brows will be greater for it and will never look back.

Australia’s leading brows expert, Lien Davies of Brow Confidence (the woman responsible for grooming the country’s most famous faces and top beauty gurus), is on a mission to empower women to take back ownership of their brows.  These are her golden rules for brow shaping and styling:

STOP & THINK: Many women have the belief that if you are paying for something you are getting a professional service. Far from it. Stop waxing and stop threading right now. This method is imprecise and you can’t expect a professional result by having your brows done randomly. Stop and think about the method for a moment. Lying down for a wax does not allow the therapist to properly view your facial structure and therefore the method doesn’t allow for balance or precision. Basically, the therapist is on autopilot and the skill level required is minimal. Consider your role in this situation as well, your reference point to the therapist can’t be throwaway comments like “I need a tidy up” because it’s just not specific.

SIEZE CONTROL: If you have one New Year’s resolution, it should be to seize back control and take ownership of your brows. The best way to do this is to maintain stray hairs yourself via tweezing. Your skill level doesn’t matter, merely create a safe zone around your brows by pencilling a 5 mm border from the actual shape to ensure you don’t over-pluck. Waxing is just a bad habit you have to break. How often are you pleased with the result anyway? Tweezing strays is great for busy mums as it saves both time and money, however, most dilemmas happen when people do it on a whim. Designating five minutes to really focus will save you from plenty of disappointment.

GET IN SHAPE: Rounded, tadpole, super skinny or angular brows are not flattering on anyone. Despite popular belief, there is a universal flattering shape for all. Your keywords here are “soft” and “consistent”. The brow must be a consistent width from the start to the arch and then taper slightly. Once you have a goal, that provides a clear road map for what work you need to do in order to create your ideal shape. Of course there may be a slight variation from person to person because of differing facial features, but everyone can certainly follow the same principles and style.

FINER DETAILS:  Always stick to cool colours that can seamlessly blend into your natural brows when you need to correct any imperfections. sparseness or bald spots. “Insta brows” do not reflect what brows should look like, and by this I mean harsh over-drawn-squared-off brows. That’s what scares most everyday women and it is most definitely not what you should aspire to.

GENETICS VS DESIGN:  Genetically your brows may not be flattering, but that doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with them. By design, with the help of technique and products, you can achieve the best brows to enhance your best features. Sometimes we can’t go back to what we used to have but moving forward you can achieve the brows that work best for you.

Want Lien to hold your hand through this journey? Her detailed step by step DIY e-guide can be found here or you can follow her on Instagram @browconfidence